Need to be better.


Ok. I’m really going to try and be better about posting to this blog. I solemnly swear. Ok so I have a few things on my mind that I would like to address…

One: I am on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Meal prepping and working out. I feel better and I love the food i am eating. So yay that’s a win. And to keep me honest… I took pictures of myself the last 2 weeks… and they are not cute. I lost 3 pounds this week so I’m feeling good.

Second: I am so sick and tired of this “deflatgate” crap. I am a HUGE Patriots fan, and i believe them and I cannot be more excited to cheer for MY BOYS on sunday. Anyone else can S a big fat D!!!!

And finally: I was just reading on some blogs “how to ask your boyfriend for kink” and I have not found anything super useful. OK so I should clarify… I am interested in some more ‘different’ things in the bedroom and I’m not really sure my partner is going to be into it. I guess I’m not really comfortable with my body right now. I should just say that…. thus the weight loss journey.

However, I have been with my lover for seven years…. and I have been vocal a little about feeling more kink… but it’s not really what I wanted. Ugh. The struggle, I swear….

Ok. signing out,

umtil next rant.



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