like I said…


Did I mention I am lazy? Haha. Took me a little while to realize that I had not posted anything on here other than the first post. oops…

I am so so so very exhausted. My first semester in Graduate school started three weeks ago…oh my hell. I am overwhelmed. I guess since I took the last year off from school I have lost my mojo. I am not in the swing of things yet, and I really need to be. SO I am making this promise to myself: after a good nights sleep tonight I solemnly swear to get my sh*** together tomorrow. Day off= homework/catch up day.

Having said that tonight will be filled with hard apple ciders, laying in my amazing bed and continuing to catch up on Bones. I am finally on the season where they get together! Amen!!! This sexual tension is beginning to get on my last nerves. Who is in love with someone for like six years and has to work with them everyday and they don’t jump each other?!

Watching Bones has been giving me some pretty weird dreams. Although I don’t recall any of them, my mister tells me that I sit up in bed and grab his arm or hands and try to examine his bones. Hah even in sleep I am funny.


later gater.



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